Our Software Section had its origin in the development of computer applications to solve our own needs. Later, those systems were enriched and we started to commercialize them progressively increasing this business area.

All computer programs we develop have been adapted to the characteristic features of the market where we commercialize them.

These computer solutions, based on a client-server architecture, have been developed in Centura and Delphi, having SQL Server (2000/2005) data as basic support.

Some services of our solutions are:

  • Security and reliability in the information, controlling access according to the hierarchy and profile defined for each user. At the same time it generates a logbook where all operations are registered, making possible the auditing of them.
  • Connection with any countable system used by the client (export of the economic fact).
  • Treatment on two different currencies.
  • Initial data transfer in case there is another system running.
  • There is a powerful communication tool witch assures the information introduced (input) in the local office to be available at required time in the head office or vice versa.
  • Export to Excel and other applications. It is totally integrated to the countable system of the client. All the carried-out operations are transferred automatically to the countable application.

Our six applications are:

Fleet Manager . Control of vehicle fleets.
Taller Empresarial . Management of repair shops.
Stock Empresarial . Control of warehouses (storehouses).
Mistral Import . Commercial and logistic management of a purchase head office.
Mistral Pos . Sales and inventory management for restaurants and coffee shops.
TPV Soft . Management tool for stores, its surrounding areas and warehouses.