DDue to its architecture and technology, it makes possible for the client to establish the sales stands and stores according to its conditions and features, dealing at the same time with different areas and warehouses.

It is totally integrated to the client’s countable system. All the carried-out operations are automatically transferred to the computable application.

It guarantees the information transfer between stores and distributors by means of its communication tools, allowing the creation of Virtual Storehouses with all the information about its branch offices: stocks, sales and conditions of its products.

Mistral Caribe Holding, together with various hardware dealers, has installed TPV SOFT ® in different department stores and markets.

It has been developed in the most recent PC-POS and communications database technologies and cash register networks, allowing the control of different stores, your warehouses and areas

From the definition of users’ profiles, it is possible to control access to the different functions according to the authorization level.

It incorporates interfaces with bar-code printers and price-checking for the protection of the client (DISCOVERY SG-20 type) as well as connection to hand scanners very useful for inventory processes and for the daily supplying of sales areas.