Stock Empresarial ®

Its main objective is the stock levels decrease to reduce the immobilized resources and increase the liquidity of the enterprise.

It is an indispensable tool to facilitate decision-taking.

For national range enterprises, it has communication tools which create, at real time, virtual warehouses at different levels and with the stocks and movements of its branch offices, which allows organizing the purchase, distribution and orders process.

The consultation of this information is done on web cites adjusted to the internal procedures of each client.

We have incorporated new services such as the complete control of the commercial consignation, offer generation, conciliation with providers as well as a strict treatment of the stocks and its caducity, which allows its total application to perishable products such as food and medicine.

Stock Empresarial® is connected to our import systems Mistral Import ® and TPV SOFT ® for stores management in order to facilitate the integral control of the distribution chain, based on the orders (from the offers requests, concurrence folder to the contracts), the purchase, dispatch and receptions in the warehouse of the sales department. Besides, we have developed connections to diverse data capture mechanisms which speed up these processes, as for example, the hand scanner, very useful in inventory or merchandize reception processes.