Mistral Import

This computer system speeds up the logistic chain by the automation of all the purchase process with the aim of facilitating its management and optimizing the resources designated to restocking.

The whole cycle of commercialization is computerized: orders (and its consolidation), grouping by families and suppliers, dispatch to the market, offers reception, analysis and concurrence folders, approval management, contracts, payment control, containers and loading control, generation of imports documents, reception and storage ( by means of our connection to Stock Empresarial ).

It provides the necessary tools for purchase management: record price, less time for restocking and assessments by suppliers.

New services such as the integral control of the air or maritime loads, management of grouped loads and containers have been incorporated to our imports manager (Mistral Imports ), making possible the follow-up of merchandizes as well as each contract.

Other characteristic services are: supplier manager, exports of all its reports to Excel and initial transfer to data (record import of the system run by the client).

Its connection to our purchase systems Stock Empresarial and TPV Soft allows the control of all the distribution chain, beginning with the order (supply requests -- concurrence list -- contract), purchase, dispatching, up to receptions in the sales stand storerooms.