Mistral POS

EIt is our solution for sales management and inventories of restaurants and coffee shops by means of a solid, fast, comfortable and effective system.

Adapted to any technical solution (cash registers, tactile or keyboard PC-POS, mouse and bar-code reader), it allows management and control of all the information of your establishment store (sales, stocks and inventories), management of waiters, cashiers and clients.

Some of its outstanding qualities are:

CD installation or presentation, online help and attractive price.

It connects directly with any countable system. It allows different payment ways (cash, credit card, internal credit or any other). It can divide sales into various tickets and those tickets into different payment ways.

It incorporates the total handling of the technical charts of each of the culinary specialties (courses) as well as the cutting of meat into pieces and its set portions.

It has an administration module for controlling, at real time, what is really happening in your establishment store in each of the sales stands by means of a variety of useful reports (negotiating tables, amount of clients, amount of money to be collected, etc).